Garden Pest & Disease Treatment

Garden Pest & Disease Treatment

Pests and disease can turn a beautiful, happy garden into a miserable one very quickly. Our extensive garden chemical range and organic alternatives, provide the answers to most garden problems from pest control to lawn weeds.

Our dedicated team will help you whether you are looking for preventative garden treatments or pest and disease control or cure. We can help with most garden related issues from cats and dogs, garden pests, to box blight and aphids,  just to name a few, and if we can’t we will try to find someone who can.

Many of our staff have had specialist horticultural training as well as many years of garden centre experience and therefore have an excellent working knowledge of gardens and horticulture at large.

Our team are always available to help you in store should you have a garden pest and disease query, alternatively feel free to contact us:

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Pest Control & Disease Treatments for your garden